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Enhance your business by using an application through which you can accept and respond to malfunctions, with interaction with property managers and residents

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Application benefits

  • Records of all residential communities and all residential units.

  • Permanent archive of activities and events.

  • Easy input of residents, new household members, and changes in ownership of residential units.

  • The ability to report a malfunction and track the status of the malfunction, with the option to leave comments and attach images.

  • Linking one or more bank accounts with the residential community.

  • Electronic voting with archiving of minutes from the residential community assembly meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application free?

Downloading and using the application is completely free in the trial period for all users.

How many buildings can I manage through the application?

There is no limit to how many buildings a property manager can register. The advantage of InfoZgrade is precisely the comprehensive coverage of all residential communities managed by one property manager in one place.

Who receives a notification when I report a malfunction?

A notification about the reported malfunction is simultaneously sent to the property manager, the assigned technical service, and the residents. The entire process is transparent to all users.

Can I connect the technical service and the residential community?

You can. The property manager can assign up to 4 technical services to the residential community. When reporting a malfunction, notifications will be automatically sent to them through the application.

Can I apply my own building on the application?

As a resident, it's not possible to sign up for the application unless your property manager has approved it. This is to reduce the possibility of information misuse and the potential use of it for purposes that are not in line with the application's business policy.

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