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Managing your residential communities through established processes via computer and phone.

Application and property manager

The property manager is a key user for the events in the residential community. From the very beginning, we have been striving to meet their needs and tasks. We have created the processes and functionalities in the application based on research and surveys of property managers regarding their needs and responsibilities. In reality, property managers receive various types of requests from residents, so they are the most informed about the activities in the residential community. Adhering to the limitations imposed by communication with residents, as well as the legal framework in which they operate, we have created the property manager as the first among equals in a residential community. Our mission is to have continuous development, and that's why we are always open to feedback and suggestions from property managers.

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How do we solve problems in your building?


Reporting a malfunction

The application allows all users within a residential community to receive notifications about reported malfunctions. This shortens the time for notification and the response of the technical service to the reported malfunction.

You have the ability to report multiple different malfunctions, defining which technical service will be notified. The entire process from reporting to resolving the malfunction is transparent. Each user has the option to leave comments and images of the malfunction.

Notifications, private messages, malfunctions

The property manager can monitor all events in all buildings they manage from the Dashboard. Malfunctions, notifications, and messages are divided into separate sections for faster and clearer operation.

With every change, a notification is received to enable you to track all actions by other users. The content of the Dashboard can be sorted based on a single residential community.

Conducting a residents' assembly meeting through the application

The property manager is enabled to conduct residents' assembly meetings through the application, have discussions on current events, and gather the opinions of all residents. This increases efficiency and solves the problem of not holding meetings and sessions due to insufficient quorum.

The application allows apartment owners who are unable to attend or live in another city or state to participate in the residents' assembly meetings and voting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application free?

Downloading and using the application is completely free in the trial period for all users.

What should I do if the technical service does not use InfoZgrada?

We strive to onboard as many users as possible onto the application; however, if the selected technical service does not use InfoZgrada, malfunction reports are sent via email.

How many buildings can I manage through the application?

There is no limit to how many buildings a property manager can register. The advantage of InfoZgrade is precisely the comprehensive coverage of all residential communities managed by one property manager in one place.

Who receives a notification when I report a malfunction?

A notification about the reported malfunction is simultaneously sent to the property manager, the assigned technical service, and the residents. The entire process is transparent to all users.

Can I connect the technical service and the residential community?

Yes, you can. The property manager can assign up to 4 technical services to the residential community. Notifications will be automatically sent to them through the application when reporting a malfunction.

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