Towards a better quality of life for residents through improved communication in a residential community

Application and Resident

The resident is our most important user, and our mission was to create an application that would be used by everyone who is a part of a residential community. Considering that residents differ in various ways, the real challenge is to unify all communication and events of each resident without compromising the user experience. The application is here to help you fulfill all the rights and obligations you have in a residential community while avoiding limitations. It enhances communication with residents, allows tracking of events in the building, as well as voting and participation in residents' meetings.

We constantly work on improving the application based on the experience and feedback we receive from residents.

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How do we solve problems in your building?


Privacy and data protection

The InfoZgrada application complies with the Law on Housing and Building Maintenance to protect the data and privacy of residents. We aim to safeguard your data and the data of your fellow residents to prevent their misuse. You, as the authorized representative of the residential community, have access to resident data, along with the property manager.


On the dashboard, you can monitor activities within your residential community. In the tabs for Malfunctions, Notifications, and Messages, you can find all the events, and unread notifications are visually highlighted. Actively participate in the events within the residential community by leaving comments and posting pictures.


The application allows you to view the current balance of your residential community's bank account. You can view a description and an image of each transaction for clearer record-keeping. Your residential community has the option to link more than one account within the application. The manager can print all statements for creating monthly or annual reports.

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The process of creating a resident account


Contact your property manager

The process begins with the creation of your residential community profile and your apartment by a professional property manager or property manager.


You receive a link for activation

The property manager will send you an invitation via the InfoZgrada application in the form of an email or SMS message, through which you will create your account.


You can access your account

After entering the unique code, your account is created, and you can actively participate in the events in your building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application free?

Downloading and using the application is completely free in the trial period for all users.

Can every member of my family have the application?

Yes, however, all family members use one account if they live in the same apartment. For example, you can post notifications from all phones, but during voting, if multiple people vote from the same apartment, it will still be counted as one vote.

Who receives a notification when I report a malfunction?

A notification about the reported malfunction is simultaneously sent to the property manager, the assigned technical service, and the residents. The entire process is transparent to all users.

Can I apply my building on the application myself?

As a resident, you cannot sign up for the application unless your property manager has approved it. This is to reduce the risk of information abuse and misuse that is not in line with the application's business policy.

Who has access to my data and apartment information?

You and the Property Manager have full access to your data. Other residents may have limited access to information if the Property Manager enables that functionality.

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