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Application and Organizers of professional management

The InfoZgrada application is designed to improve existing administrative processes, human and general relations, to create the best possible environment within a residential community. In our process, you as a company, are the administrators of the residential communities you manage, while property managers are the managers of specific residential communities. The interaction between property managers, residents, and technical services is carried out independently of your involvement, enabling a smooth flow of information and events. Through the work of property managers and reports from technical services, you can monitor the status of each residential community in real-time.

In developing the application, we aimed to achieve independence for each user through limitations and capabilities that also exist in reality.

We believe that good interpersonal and neighborly relationships are essential to achieving coexistence within a residential community.

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How do we solve problems in your building?


Modular platform

The InfoZgrada application features a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) approach, which means there are no restrictions on the devices or operating systems you can use it on. The modularity is enhanced by our collaboration with all relevant Professional Management Organizers companies to improve the application's functionality and operation.

Record of activities in a residential community

The application enables Professional Management Organizers to have a centralized view of the records of all residential communities they manage. It also provides the ability to access a list of malfunctions with their status, notifications, and events within the residential community.

Reportings about technical services

The InfoZgrada application provides a permanent record of all significant changes and events in the residential community. By maintaining a permanent record, you can enhance your business and use analytics to identify recurring issues. Using this data provides you with a better opportunity to promote your services.

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The process of adding new residential communities.


Contact InfoZgrada technical support

The process begins with contacting InfoZgrada technical support if you need to add new residential communities to your profile or transfer existing residential communities from another company's profile to yours, or vice versa.


Validation of residential communities

InfoZgrada's technical service will begin the data validation process within 48 hours of receiving the request via email or in writing. After that, the process of transferring residential communities to your profile will be completed by drafting a contract.


Manage your buildings

After the new residential communities are added to your profile, you will receive email confirmations. Following that, you can assign a property manager and begin working within the entered residential communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application free?

Downloading and using the application is completely free in the trial period for all users.

Does the application have a section for accounting and issuing invoices?

No, the InfoZgrada application is a communication platform and currently does not have the functionalities required for accounting services, except for adding the bank accounts of residential communities.

How many property managers and residential communities can I have on my profile?

There are no limitations when adding property managers or residential communities. Also, there are no restrictions on how many residential communities one property manager can oversee.

What is the process for adding a new residential community?

To add a new residential community, you can do it through your account, following the guidelines and obligations outlined in the Terms of Use of the application.

How do I connect technical services and residential communities?

An Organizers of professional management cannot link technical services and residential communities from their account; this is done by the property manager from their account.

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