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Application and technical service

Technical services and technicians are crucial participantt in the life of a residential community, and their operational methods depend on working with the property manager.

Through the application, we have managed to connect residents with technical services to facilitate and expedite communication when a malfunction occurs. By taking interactive steps, the technician can analyze each malfunction, leave comments and images for residents and the property manager. With this transparent way of working, we see an opportunity for reliable and good technical services, as well as technicians, to stand out from those who are not, thereby reaching an even larger number of users.

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How do we solve problems in your building?


Acceptance and response to malfunctions

The InfoZgrada application allows you to respond to reported malfunctions in a residential community more quickly and efficiently. In addition to reporting a new malfunction, you have access to its detailed description and a visual image that depicts the problem. This way, you improve communication with community members, assess the time to resolve the malfunction, and schedule a service appointment.

Reporting after the completion of work on the malfunction

After you have resolved the malfunction, the InfoZgrada application enables you not only to inform community members about the resolved malfunction but also to provide a report on the job well done, including text and images. Transparency in the application is what characterizes the entire process, thereby elevating the level of communication and problem resolution in business.

Reporting a malfunction after a phone call

If a resident or property manager calls you to report a malfunction, the technical service can report the malfunction from their account and assign it to the appropriate residential community. This further reduces the response time to the malfunction, and this malfunction will be stored in the archive related to that residential community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application free?

Downloading and using the application is completely free in the trial period for all users.

Can the technical service report a malfunction?

Yes, the application allows the property manager, residents, or the technical service to report a malfunction at any time.

Who receives a notification about the reported malfunction?

Notifications are automatically sent to property managers and all residents on the application. This helps avoid multiple calls regarding the same malfunction from different residents.

Is there an archive of resolved malfunctions?

The technical service has a permanent history of all reported and resolved malfunctions and malfunction reports on their profile.

Can I add my own technicians to the application?

The technical service can add all their technicians to the application for recording malfunction resolutions. However, the technicians do not yet have their own accounts or a way to access the application.

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